Hourly Engine Reserves for DA42

There are three configurations of currently supported DA42 engines: CD135 with 600 hour clutches CD135 with 2 mass flywheel Austro AE300 The Austro engine is heavier, more powerful, more expensive (installed in an airplane), longer lived, and less expensive to operate.  The CD135 with 2 mass flywheel is approximately 15- 20% less expensive to operate, […] ...Read more »

Should I Get my Private Pilot License in High School?

Matt Dahline from Crosswinds Aviation in Howell, MI shares his thoughts on going to college with a private pilots license in hand. In addition to the demonstrated achievement of doing so, there is a strong financial case made here for those pursuing a professional pilot career. Their fleet of three late-model DA20’s makes all this […] ...Read more »

The 1000th Austro Engine AE300

Austro Engine, a company of the Diamond Aircraft Group, is celebrating the completion of the 1000th AE300 turbo charged diesel aircraft engine. Jürgen Heinrich, CEO Austro Engine: “The 1,000th AE300 symbolizes a significant milestone, reflecting the engine series’ quality and reliability. With a Time between Overhaul of currently 1,500 hours our customers benefit tremendously from […] ...Read more »

We’ve Moved

We’ve moved the pilot shop to its new hosting provider with a fresh new look. Later this week, the shop.wanting-drain.flywheelsites.com url will point to the new location, and for now, it will redirect from the old store. Visit the new store Stay tuned for new products including online ordering access to the Diamond Aircraft parts […] ...Read more »

Continental Diesel Dual Mass Flywheel

We were un-crating the engines for a CD135 conversion DA42, and much to our surprise, on this engine, We discovered this interesting sticker on the rail: This is an unexpected bonus for the already excellent CD135 engines. Continental had talked about the dual mass flywheel at Oshkosh last year, but these were the first we’ve […] ...Read more »

DA42NG and -VI Conversions: Scope of Work

  When you choose to convert your aircraft to Austro Engines, your choices range from the basic engine-only conversion to full new production specification, or anything in between.  Contact us for current pricing and available donor airframes. Basic Conversion to Austro AE 300 Engines This conversion includes all parts and labor for the engine conversion, […] ...Read more »

Motor Glider Rental and Training in the Chicago area

Skill Aviation, the premier Diamond Flight Center in Northern Illinois, now can boast that their fleet is the only one in North America to include the full line of Diamond aircraft. Our Diamond HK36 Motor Glider is now available for training and rental at Skill’s Waukegan, IL location.  Certified Flight Instructor – Glider Roderick Reid […] ...Read more »

Great Write-up from Plane and Pilot Magazine on DA42 -VI

At Air Venture (Oshkosh) 2013, Plane & Pilot Magazine’s Bill Cox flew the first North American DA42 -VI. In addition to a clear explanation for why Diamond can’t call the plane a TwinStar any more (“Eurocopter, one of the world’s largest producers of corporate helicopters, had been building a rotary wing called the Twin Star […] ...Read more »

Motorglider In-flight Video from Skill Aviation

Diamond Flight Center Skill Aviation now offers the Motor Glider for rental and training. Here is a quick video to give you a taste: You can make arrangements to fly this great aircraft by calling them at (847) 599-9955 ...Read more »

Bonus Depreciation for 2014 Aircraft Deliveries

Our next available new DA42 -VI won’t be deliverable until April or May, 2014.  But you may still qualify for 50% bonus depreciation on that purchase.  Daniel Cheung from Aviation Tax Consultants shares this: The general rule to qualify for bonus depreciation includes: Purchase and place in service a new business aircraft in 2013 Aircraft […] ...Read more »

Optimists and Pessimists from DAI-A’s Homepage

...Read more »

Flying the DA40XLS – Time Lapse

Another great Skill Aviation customer video: Flight from Chicago Executive Airport (KPWK) to Ohio State University Airport (KOSU) in Columbus, OH. Time lapse video makes the 2 hour flight a 5 minute experience. Flying a beautiful Diamond DA40XLS managed by Skill Aviation. This really is what it’s like – your personal time machine! ...Read more »

Introducing the Diamond DA40 XLT for 2013

Unveiled in 2013, the 2013 DA40 XLT is Diamond’s latest version of its DA40 piston single. It’s hard to improve upon perfection, but Diamond has done it again, adding numerous desirable upgrades to this year’s model, enhancing the cabin for your comfort—and offering a whole new level of luxury. Upgrades include more comfortable, wider seats […] ...Read more »

Fluids for the DA42NG Austro AE300 Engine

The Austro AE300 engine installed in Diamond’s DA42NG uses a few specialized fluids which we stock or can order from Diamond.  Specifically, there are special Engine and Gear Box oils and a coolant for the heat exchangers. DA42NG Engine Oil: Approved engine oils are: Shell Helix Ultra 5W30 (Diamond Part Number 492501A) Shell Helix Ultra […] ...Read more »

How Fast is a DA42?

There are three flavors of diesel  DA42 available in North America: DA42TDi with 135 HP Centurion engines DA42NG with 168 HP Austro AE300 engines DA42N-VI with Austro engines and a suite of aerodynamic cleanups As with just about everything in aviation, there are tradeoffs between cost and performance, and what follows is drawn from the […] ...Read more »

DA42 Engine Maintenance Intervals Explained

The Diamond DA42 has two currently supported Jet-A engine choices: Centurion 2.0 and Austro AE300.  These Jet-A piston engines differ somewhat from traditional air-cooled gasoline aircraft engines: they are vastly more efficient, not subject to shock cooling, and operationally much simpler. They also require periodic maintenance that a gas engine will not but less frequent […] ...Read more »

How Many DA42’s Are Operating in North America?

And: How many hours has the Austro AE300 engine accumulated worldwide? As of earlier this year: Operating Experience AE300 Engine Total accumulated hours: 200,000 Deliveries: 580 engines Fleet Leader: DA42NG: 1900 hours   North America DA42 Fleet: 30 Conversions and Six NG’s including this one. 171 total DA42’s on FAA registry (may exclude some MPP) […] ...Read more »

DA42 NG and Austro Engine Life Extension Continues

Last month, Austro Engine received the 1,500 hour TBO for the 170 HP turbo diesel engine powering the DA42 NG.  In less than one year, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) raised the AE300 TBO in two steps: from 1000 to 1200 hours, and now to 1500 hours.  Additionally, only the high-pressure pump must be […] ...Read more »

Diamond Aircraft Layoffs

by Dan: This week, Diamond Aircraft Industries (Canada) (DAI-C) issued a short press release indicating that there have been layoffs of employees at that facility.  The release was vague, and some press reports have overstated what the Diamond Distributors have been told is the situation, so here is what we know. On Tuesday, the Distributor […] ...Read more »

A Flight School’s Success with the Diamond DA20 Eclipse

Summit Aviation of Belgrade Montana received the Aircraft Owners and Pilot’s Association (AOPA) Flight Training Excellence Award for 2012. The award recognizes flight schools that provide an optimal training experience and encourage flight training best practices. Summit Aviation operates a fleet of Diamond DA20, DA40 and DA42 aircraft. Owner Ben Walton remarked “Clearly this award […] ...Read more »

New DA42 Demo Flight Video from Skill Aviation

A client of Skill Aviation in Waukegan, IL posted a great video of his DA42NG intro flight with Skip: ...Read more »

Opening Day At the Sebring LSA Expo

The planes are in position, ready for the opening day crowds.  Come see us at Booth S13 and S14, where we are located for our third year at the US Sport Plane Expo. GLDAS and Premier Aircraft Sales are showing the HK36 Motor Glider and the new DA40 XLS, and it looks like a great […] ...Read more »

Stall Warning Plugs and Pitot Covers for Diamond DA40 and DA20 aircraft

By Dori These are among our best sellers, and that’s because they work!  We use them on our own planes, and even during the tornado at Sun ‘n Fun 2011, we didn’t lose a single plug or cover.  Here’s the manufacturer’s Michael Moore at the Diamond factory in London, ON: They fit securely. Here’s how […] ...Read more »

New 2013 DA20 – Still at the factory – UPDATE: Sold

Just completed: a brand new DA20 C1 Eclipse with G500 glass. Buy this plane before we bring it to Illinois, and you will save the  $1500 delivery charge and get a factory tour as a bonus! Contact us today This plane has been sold. The next delivery is late March. ...Read more »

Fiscal Cliff Deal Extends Bonus Depreciation and

…retroactively enhances expensing election for 2012 and into 2013 On January 2, 2013, Congress completed passage of a bill addressing, at least in part, the so-called “fiscal cliff” of impending tax changes slated to occur at the end of 2012.  President Obama is expected to quickly sign the package into law.  Of particular interest to […] ...Read more »

ANN Selects DA40 XLS as Plane of the Year

Each year, we put our heads together, look over reader input as well as our own reports and other sources of info and try to recognize the VERY BEST aircraft in a number of pivotal categories.   This particular series will cover the aircraft we consider to be the VERY BEST of the whole breed. […] ...Read more »

Bonus Depreciation for Higher 2013 Tax Rates

***Update*** Fiscal Cliff deal extends bonus depreciation and retroactively enhances expensing election for 2012 and into 2013       By Scott Battle 50% Bonus Depreciation may be available for new Diamonds contracted for purchase in 2012 and delivered in 2013*. *Requirements include a binding contract in place before the end of 2012, along with […] ...Read more »

DA42 Fly-By-Wire Trial and video

Two weeks ago, Euronews visited with Diamond Aircraft Industries in Wiener Neustadt, Austria.  They have produced an interesting report on the EU-Project SAFAR (Small Aircraft Future Avionics Architecture) – testing fly-by-wire on the DA42. From the article: Above the Austrian Alps flies what seems to be an ordinary small aircraft.  But it holds a secret.  […] ...Read more »

Diamond DA42 Twin Insurance Requirements

by Terry Britt Can I get insured in a new Diamond DA42? The question arises from time to time as to qualifications necessary to transition into a Diamond DA-42. This, like most all insurance questions, can be answered by “it depends”. Anyone with a private pilot license or better, a multi/instrument ticket, 750 total time, […] ...Read more »

Holiday Specials at the Pilot Shop

Just in time for your holiday shopping: 15% off all Diamond Aircraft Logo apparel including hats in the Pilot Shop. Just use the Discount Code GLDAS15 at checkout.  Check back here for additional specials through the end of December. ...Read more »

Price Reduction and Full Set of Pictures 2007 DA40XL 40.830 N231DS

We have uploaded the full set of pictures for this fine DA40XL here. This plane has been hangared in dry Albuquerque, NM, and shows very well. The price has been reduced, so call or email today. ...Read more »

Small Items Ship Free

By Dori Thanks to Ohio customer Joe who pointed out that a $15 checklist shouldn’t cost $12 to ship! We have updated the Pilot Shop storefront to ship checklists,  lapel pins, etc, for free.  The Pilot Shop does not show USPS as a shipping option because their API is difficult to connect to, but small, […] ...Read more »

DA42NG -VI Pirep

Here’s a great write-up of a trip in a new Diamond DA42NG -VI from Eastern Spain to London.  The flight proved out high cruise speeds (189 – 192 KTAS) as well as the efficacy of the FIKI deice system. Read the whole thing for details and great photos. ...Read more »

Welcome to GLDAS 2.0

Welcome to the new WordPress powered Great Lakes Diamond Website.  We’ve undertaken this website overhaul to better serve our customers by incorporating these features: Better representation of inventory aircraft with higher quality photos, videos, and printable spec sheets A blog section where we can share product information, pilot and product reports, and short essays on […] ...Read more »

2012 Bonus Depreciation for Business Aircraft

By Scott Horton Bonus Depreciation For New Aircraft Purchases – 50% in 2012 Under the “normal” accelerated depreciation rules, a taxpayer using an aircraft predominantly for business can only deduct a maximum of 20% of the purchase price in the first year with the remainder of the cost depreciated over the five year asset life. […] ...Read more »

Future Aircraft Fuels – Diamond Aircraft and 100LL

Many aircraft owners fret the future availability of 100LL fuel for their piston-engined aircraft. Should the Diamond DA40 owner be worried? Answer: NO! No one should be worried about possible unavailability of 100LL obsoleting their DA40. Future fuel compatibility is an integral part of the design concept of the DA40, and these issues were contemplated […] ...Read more »

Why is the DA20 not IFR certified and will it ever be?

No on both points. The DA20-C1 was designed to be a modern, low cost primary 2-seat trainer which is certified for flight in VMC Day/Night conditions and fills this role well. Since the DA20 s introduction in 1993,through mid 2012, a total of more than 1000 DA20 models have been built making it the most […] ...Read more »

New in the Pilot Shop – Checklists on Sale

These are the CheckMate single-card laminated plastic checklists for the DA20 and DA40XL(S).  We include these with every aircraft we sell because they are that useful. Here’s why: The most complete single-card checklist on the market Twenty years of time-tested evolution, assuring the most comprehensive and accurate data possible Intuitive data that is logical, concise, […] ...Read more »

Cleaning your Diamond Aircraft

The Aircraft Flight Manual for your DA40 or DA20 aircraft specifies silicone-free detergent and wax. Since many over-the-counter car wash soaps and waxes do contain silicone, it’s important to choose carefully. Why no silicone? The composite material from which your Diamond Aircraft is constructed is very tough, but sometimes there are repairs that have to […] ...Read more »

Austro Engine TBO and Maintenance Intervals Extended

As of April 2012, Austro Engine company has extended the TBO and some key component replacement/inspection intervals. The purpose of this communication is to not only ensure you are aware of these new developments, but also to ensure you fully understand how this impacts your operation of your DA42-NG aircraft(s).  Please find attached a copy […] ...Read more »

Where find Diamond Training and Rental Aircraft

Customers call us frequently looking for Diamond training or rental.  In order to better fill these requests, GLDAS now lists both Diamond Flight Centers as well as unaffiliated flight schools offering Diamond rental and instruction. On our Training page, you will find these listings, including the number and type of aircraft available.  These are self-reported […] ...Read more »

DA42NG – VI Wins US Approval

On July 30, Diamond won FAA approval for the “DA42 Performance Enhancement Design Change” – otherwise known as DA42NG – VI.  You can read the approval letter here.   October Update – current lead times are four months, and we expect an aircraft on our ramp sometime around or after Sun&Fun. ...Read more »

Rotax Service and Time Before Overhaul

The popular Diamond DA20 Katana came to the USA with Rotax power, and while the Continental IO240 has largely taken over the DA20 fleet in North America, the Rotax-powered DA20 A1 remains in production in Europe.  But don’t fret: you can still buy a new Rotax-powered aircraft in North America:  The Diamond HK36  Motor Glider […] ...Read more »

New 2012 DA42NG Arrives Early Summer…SOLD

You can still qualify for 100% Bonus Depreciation with a contract and deposit before 12/31/11.  Pick your options, tail number and stripes for the May 2012 delivery, currently on order with: Bubble Canopy GFC700 with Yaw Damper TAS 610 Known Icing Platinum interior etc Don’t wait – this one won’t last…Under Contract. Sold Contact us for […] ...Read more »

New In The Pilot Shop – Towbars!

Have you misplaced your tow bar?  Diamond Aircraft are great in so many ways, but backing one into a hangar, with the nose wheel castering all over the place, is not fun.   These are the same towbars that come standard with every new Diamond, and we have these at an excellent price: DA20 – […] ...Read more »

Flying the New DA20 with G500 and MT Prop

“There’s no ‘Light’ in this Sport Aircraft”  In early August, we finally had a break in the weather to fly our new DA20 Eclipse.  What’s so special about this aircraft? New MT Propeller. Garmin G500 Primary Flight Display and Multi-Function Display So how does it fly?  During our test flight, we held 4000′ MSL and […] ...Read more »

Diamond D-JET Program Ramps Up

This evening Diamond Aircraft announces that it has obtained commitment for a significant investment exclusively dedicated to the D-JET program.  Read more ...Read more »

UK Pilot Magazine reviews DA42 NG

UK Pilot Magazine takes a test flight and reviews the DA42 NG.  This is a good write-up of how the DA42NG performs. Read the full article (8 Meg pdf, so be patient…)   ...Read more »

Grand Opening of Great Lakes Diamond Pilot Shop

We have heard your requests for a place to buy high-quality Diamond-logo gear and apparel and are pleased to announce the Grand Opening of the Great Lakes Diamond Pilot Shop.  Every item in the shop is in stock and has been personally selected and inspected by our store manager, so you can be assured of […] ...Read more »

DA42 NG Twin Delivered to Capital City Aviation

Great Lakes Diamond Aircraft Sales is pleased to announce its first North American retail delivery of a new Twin-engine DA42 NG aircraft.  The buyer is a member of Capital City Aviation, a Diamond Flight Center located at The Ohio State University Airport in Columbus, OH. With this purchase, Capital City Aviation expands its premium line […] ...Read more »

DA42 NG Twin In Stock This Month

The first DA42NG for North American retail delivery is inbound to GLDAS now and should be on our ramp by the end of October.  This aircraft is loaded: TKS Known Ice Synthetic Vision Platinum Interior Active Traffic Contact us today to learn more. ...Read more »

Oshkosh Announcements 1

Diamond Introduces DA42 Engine Conversion Programs for North America North American owners and operators now have the choice of upgrading their DA42 with either Lycoming or Austro Engine power.  Also available are numerous options to turn any DA42 TDI into a virtually new aircraft, with all the features of new production DA42s. "The best part […] ...Read more »

ISU Team Places 2nd in College Division Air Race Classic

Flying Dixie Chopper Air’s DA40XL, Kay Brown and Jessica Campbell finished a strong 2nd in the college division and 8th overall in the 2010 Air Race Classic. Congratulations to the team! ...Read more »

Avweb Flies the Diamond Motor Glider

Paul Bertorelli visited with us after Sun & Fun to fly one of our Motor Gliders with Andy James.  His video is below, and it is a very good overview of this special aircraft   ...Read more »

Standard Unit Motor Glider Specifications and Brochures

  Great Lakes Diamond now has downloadable Motor Glider Brochures and Fact Sheets in Standard Units not metric. Please visit our Motorglider Page  where you will find these documents. ...Read more »

AOPA Pilot Flies the DA42NG and DA42 L360

In the February issue of AOPA Pilot, Thomas Horne reports and posts a video on his test flight of the DA42: I was fortunate enough to fly a DA42 NG on a 250-nm cross-country, from the Diamond factory in Wiener Neustadt, Austria, to Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany. Along the way, maximum continuous power true airspeeds worked out […] ...Read more »

Pictures and Videos

Have been moved to the new Media page. Also available there are high resolution photos of Diamond aircraft. ...Read more »

HK36 Motor Glider Demonstrator Now Available

GLDAS now has an HK36 demonstrator available in Northern Illinois. Please contact Dan via email or (800) 962-9437 x0 ...Read more »

New DA42 -L360 on Display and Performance Published for DA42 L360 and DA42-NG (Austro)

Diamond flew the new DA42 Twinstar with the Lycoming power plants to AOPA Expo in San Jose, CA.  The aircraft looks great – both the engine nacelles and the new control quadrant show great fit and finish. As for performance, the numbers speak for themselves: Click here for the new performance statistics. DA42 Performance Aircraft […] ...Read more »

Diamond Aircraft Airframe Life Limitation

Is it true that Diamond airplanes have no structural life limitation? Yes. There are no life limitations applicable to major structural components (i.e. wing spars & load bearing structures) of any Diamond airplane. Proof is in the Type Certificate Data Sheet (TCDS). Other airplanes, both of composite or metal construction (i.e. Cirrus SR series (12,000 […] ...Read more »
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