Hourly Engine Reserves for DA42

There are three configurations of currently supported DA42 engines: CD135 with 600 hour clutches CD135 with 2 mass flywheel Austro AE300 The Austro engine is heavier, more powerful, more expensive (installed in an airplane), longer lived, and less expensive to operate.  The CD135 with 2 mass flywheel is approximately 15- 20% less expensive to operate, […] ...Read more »

The 1000th Austro Engine AE300

Austro Engine, a company of the Diamond Aircraft Group, is celebrating the completion of the 1000th AE300 turbo charged diesel aircraft engine. Jürgen Heinrich, CEO Austro Engine: “The 1,000th AE300 symbolizes a significant milestone, reflecting the engine series’ quality and reliability. With a Time between Overhaul of currently 1,500 hours our customers benefit tremendously from […] ...Read more »

Continental Diesel Dual Mass Flywheel

We were un-crating the engines for a CD135 conversion DA42, and much to our surprise, on this engine, We discovered this interesting sticker on the rail: This is an unexpected bonus for the already excellent CD135 engines. Continental had talked about the dual mass flywheel at Oshkosh last year, but these were the first we’ve […] ...Read more »

Fluids for the DA42NG Austro AE300 Engine

The Austro AE300 engine installed in Diamond’s DA42NG uses a few specialized fluids which we stock or can order from Diamond.  Specifically, there are special Engine and Gear Box oils and a coolant for the heat exchangers. DA42NG Engine Oil: Approved engine oils are: Shell Helix Ultra 5W30 (Diamond Part Number 492501A) Shell Helix Ultra […] ...Read more »

DA42 Engine Maintenance Intervals Explained

The Diamond DA42 has two currently supported Jet-A engine choices: Centurion 2.0 and Austro AE300.  These Jet-A piston engines differ somewhat from traditional air-cooled gasoline aircraft engines: they are vastly more efficient, not subject to shock cooling, and operationally much simpler. They also require periodic maintenance that a gas engine will not but less frequent […] ...Read more »

DA42 NG and Austro Engine Life Extension Continues

Last month, Austro Engine received the 1,500 hour TBO for the 170 HP turbo diesel engine powering the DA42 NG.  In less than one year, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) raised the AE300 TBO in two steps: from 1000 to 1200 hours, and now to 1500 hours.  Additionally, only the high-pressure pump must be […] ...Read more »

Future Aircraft Fuels – Diamond Aircraft and 100LL

Many aircraft owners fret the future availability of 100LL fuel for their piston-engined aircraft. Should the Diamond DA40 owner be worried? Answer: NO! No one should be worried about possible unavailability of 100LL obsoleting their DA40. Future fuel compatibility is an integral part of the design concept of the DA40, and these issues were contemplated […] ...Read more »

Cleaning your Diamond Aircraft

The Aircraft Flight Manual for your DA40 or DA20 aircraft specifies silicone-free detergent and wax. Since many over-the-counter car wash soaps and waxes do contain silicone, it’s important to choose carefully. Why no silicone? The composite material from which your Diamond Aircraft is constructed is very tough, but sometimes there are repairs that have to […] ...Read more »

Austro Engine TBO and Maintenance Intervals Extended

As of April 2012, Austro Engine company has extended the TBO and some key component replacement/inspection intervals. The purpose of this communication is to not only ensure you are aware of these new developments, but also to ensure you fully understand how this impacts your operation of your DA42-NG aircraft(s).  Please find attached a copy […] ...Read more »

Rotax Service and Time Before Overhaul

The popular Diamond DA20 Katana came to the USA with Rotax power, and while the Continental IO240 has largely taken over the DA20 fleet in North America, the Rotax-powered DA20 A1 remains in production in Europe.  But don’t fret: you can still buy a new Rotax-powered aircraft in North America:  The Diamond HK36  Motor Glider […] ...Read more »
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