Hourly Engine Reserves for DA42

There are three configurations of currently supported DA42 engines: CD135 with 600 hour clutches CD135 with 2 mass flywheel Austro AE300 The Austro engine is heavier, more powerful, more expensive (installed in an airplane), longer lived, and less expensive to operate.  The CD135 with 2 mass flywheel is approximately 15- 20% less expensive to operate, […] ...Read more »

Continental Diesel Dual Mass Flywheel

We were un-crating the engines for a CD135 conversion DA42, and much to our surprise, on this engine, We discovered this interesting sticker on the rail: This is an unexpected bonus for the already excellent CD135 engines. Continental had talked about the dual mass flywheel at Oshkosh last year, but these were the first we’ve […] ...Read more »

Bonus Depreciation for 2014 Aircraft Deliveries

Our next available new DA42 -VI won’t be deliverable until April or May, 2014.  But you may still qualify for 50% bonus depreciation on that purchase.  Daniel Cheung from Aviation Tax Consultants shares this: The general rule to qualify for bonus depreciation includes: Purchase and place in service a new business aircraft in 2013 Aircraft […] ...Read more »

Flying the DA40XLS – Time Lapse

Another great Skill Aviation customer video: Flight from Chicago Executive Airport (KPWK) to Ohio State University Airport (KOSU) in Columbus, OH. Time lapse video makes the 2 hour flight a 5 minute experience. Flying a beautiful Diamond DA40XLS managed by Skill Aviation. This really is what it’s like – your personal time machine! ...Read more »

Fluids for the DA42NG Austro AE300 Engine

The Austro AE300 engine installed in Diamond’s DA42NG uses a few specialized fluids which we stock or can order from Diamond.  Specifically, there are special Engine and Gear Box oils and a coolant for the heat exchangers. DA42NG Engine Oil: Approved engine oils are: Shell Helix Ultra 5W30 (Diamond Part Number 492501A) Shell Helix Ultra […] ...Read more »

How Fast is a DA42?

There are three flavors of diesel  DA42 available in North America: DA42TDi with 135 HP Centurion engines DA42NG with 168 HP Austro AE300 engines DA42N-VI with Austro engines and a suite of aerodynamic cleanups As with just about everything in aviation, there are tradeoffs between cost and performance, and what follows is drawn from the […] ...Read more »

DA42 Engine Maintenance Intervals Explained

The Diamond DA42 has two currently supported Jet-A engine choices: Centurion 2.0 and Austro AE300.  These Jet-A piston engines differ somewhat from traditional air-cooled gasoline aircraft engines: they are vastly more efficient, not subject to shock cooling, and operationally much simpler. They also require periodic maintenance that a gas engine will not but less frequent […] ...Read more »

Fiscal Cliff Deal Extends Bonus Depreciation and

…retroactively enhances expensing election for 2012 and into 2013 On January 2, 2013, Congress completed passage of a bill addressing, at least in part, the so-called “fiscal cliff” of impending tax changes slated to occur at the end of 2012.  President Obama is expected to quickly sign the package into law.  Of particular interest to […] ...Read more »

Bonus Depreciation for Higher 2013 Tax Rates

***Update*** Fiscal Cliff deal extends bonus depreciation and retroactively enhances expensing election for 2012 and into 2013       By Scott Battle 50% Bonus Depreciation may be available for new Diamonds contracted for purchase in 2012 and delivered in 2013*. *Requirements include a binding contract in place before the end of 2012, along with […] ...Read more »

Diamond DA42 Twin Insurance Requirements

by Terry Britt Can I get insured in a new Diamond DA42? The question arises from time to time as to qualifications necessary to transition into a Diamond DA-42. This, like most all insurance questions, can be answered by “it depends”. Anyone with a private pilot license or better, a multi/instrument ticket, 750 total time, […] ...Read more »
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