Continental Diesel Dual Mass Flywheel

Posted on November 22, 2014

We were un-crating the engines for a CD135 conversion DA42, and much to our surprise, on this engine,Photo Nov 21, 3 02 38 PM

We discovered this interesting sticker on the rail:

Photo Nov 21, 3 03 12 PM

This is an unexpected bonus for the already excellent CD135 engines. Continental had talked about the dual mass flywheel at Oshkosh last year, but these were the first we’ve seem.  In addition to doing away with the frequent and expensive  clutch replacements, the dual mass flywheel doubles gearbox inspections to 600 hours!   Dual mass flywheel inspections also are set at 600 hours.


The new CD135 continuing airworthiness schedule now looks like this:

(with dual mass flywheel)
100 hrs:
*fuel filter
*gearbox oil filter
*check presetting of the proportional pressure reducing valve

300 hrs:
*Inspect fuel feed pump (some exceptions)

600 hrs:
*replace alternator
*replace high-pressure pump
*replace rail pressure control valve
*Replace proportional pressure reducing valve (gearbox)
*Inspect dual mass flywheel
*Inspect gearbox




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  1. Edmond Fung says:

    This is the status in Nov 2014, very helpful indeed. Is there an update after new TBR of 2,100 hrs?
    We are Flight School moving to Diamond and very favor CD 100 series engines. Will contact you in a few days for your inventory or you can send me info to my personal email.

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