DA42 Engine Maintenance Intervals Explained

Posted on March 8, 2013

The Diamond DA42 has two currently supported Jet-A engine choices: Centurion 2.0 and Austro AE300.  These Jet-A piston engines differ somewhat from traditional air-cooled gasoline aircraft engines: they are vastly more efficient, not subject to shock cooling, and operationally much simpler. They also require periodic maintenance that a gas engine will not but less frequent oil changes.

Both the Centurion and Austro engines have 1500 hour life – the Centurion is replaced at that time, and the Austro is overhauled.  There are periodic maintenance events for each, and the table below lists only the additional items at each interval; 100 hour items are due every 100 hours, 300 every 300, etc.  This table of major requirements is drawn from the engine maintenance manuals and service bulletins, and it is current as of early 2013, and is subject to change.  Please consult your service center or GLDAS for detailed costs and current airworthiness requirements.

Interval (Hours) Centurion 2.0 Requirement Austro AE300 Requirement
100 Kit and Oil Kit and Oil
300 Gearbox, Clutch (old) Gearbox Oil
600 High Pressure Pump,Pressure regulator, Clutch (new) High Pressure Pump
900 Timing Chain no additional items
1200 Alternator no additional items
1500 Replace Engine Overhaul Engine

The principal differences between the two engines are:

  • Centurion: 135 horsepower / Austro: 168 horsepower
  • Centuri0n gearbox life: 300 hours / Austro: 1500 hours
  • Centurion engine replacement @ 1500 hours: Approx $40,00o each (engine cost only)
  • Austro AE300 engine overhaul @ 1500 hours: Approx $22,000 each (engine cost only)

The Austro alternator and torsional vibration damper may be inspected on the aircraft, whereas the Centurion alternator and clutch are life-limited parts.

Whichever engine you choose to operate, the DA42 is among the most economical and capable aircraft in its class. Contact us for detailed total cost information.

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  2. Aroop Ghosh says:

    I am in the process of purchasing a DA 42 V1 with Austro engine . Could you please advice me what is the cost of the Austro engine overhaul cost , an amount I will have to keep aside . This is to ensure that I do not get any surprises

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