DA42NG and -VI Conversions: Scope of Work

Posted on April 14, 2014


When you choose to convert your aircraft to Austro Engines, your choices range from the basic engine-only conversion to full new production specification, or anything in between.  Contact us for current pricing and available donor airframes.


Basic Conversion to Austro AE 300 Engines

This conversion includes all parts and labor for the engine conversion, specifically the items and tasks listed below.  Additional items requiring repair, replacement, or required for compliance with airworthiness standards are charged separately.

What is Included:

  • Incoming inspection and cleaning of aircraft
  • Disassembly as required for conversion
  • Verification of any additional work required or recommended in addition to the conversion
  • Installation of new Austro Engines, including new four-point engine mount, new engine electrical harnesses, new FADEC system (EECU), new engine sensors, new heat exchangers (turbo intercooler, cabin heater, coolant), new turbocharger system, new exhaust system, new cowlings
  • Installation of new power levers (EECU resolvers)
  • Installation of new engine annunciation software
  • Conversion of MT propeller flange (“A” to “R” configuration)
  • Airframe modification to increase MTOW to 4185 lbs
  • Flight test, all required documentation, certification, and return to service

Additional cost items

  • Austro Engine Maintenance Training
  • Differences Training (ground and flight)
  • Repair or replacement of any items that are not specific to the conversion but are required to return the aircraft to service
  • Mandatory Service bulletin compliance
  • Equipment upgrades
  • Annual inspection
  • 1000 hour inspection

Additional DA42-VI items

Diamond now offers conversion of the airframe to –VI specification.  This conversion includes all of the airframe mods to bring the aircraft up to current production configuration.

  • New engine nacelle – engine accessories relocated to present a smaller cowling to the wind. Air intakes have been reshaped. These changes result in more thrust and less drag and yield approximately 8 knots
  • New Propellers: Working with MT, Diamond optimized this design for a larger diameter, wider chord prop with a more modern scimitar shape for greater efficiency. Yield for this change: Approximately 3 Knots
  • Nose baggage doors have been redesigned for better fit and increased opening angle.
  • New Rudder: The original DA42 and DA42NG rudder had a horn on the bottom forward of the hinge.  This surface has been eliminated in the new design which has a straight leading edge.  Moreover, the new rudder is more effective, reducing Vmc by more than 5 knots.
  • New Interior Materials: The use of new materials for the interior has helped to significantly reduce the empty weight of the DA42NG-VI by 88 pounds.


With a donor airframe at the factory in London, ON, you should expect the following completion schedule:

DA42NG w/o GFC700: 13 weeks

DA42NG w/ GFC700: 16 weeks

DA42-VI w/ GFC700 20-24 weeks (estimate)


Available Donor Aircraft

GLDAS has in inventory one suitable donor airframe which could be relocated to the factory for conversion.  Contact us for more information on how you can make your own DA42 NG or -VI.

The results will amaze you: a new-looking, new-smelling, new-data plate wearing aircraft delivered on-time and at a great price.


3 responses to “DA42NG and -VI Conversions: Scope of Work”

  1. Roy says:

    Dear Great Lakes Diamond,

    We are considering buying a da 42 from an auction:

    Could you let us know how much it would cost to convert to ng or VI and what you reckon the actual value of this aircraft ‘as is’ is and post conversion? This as we need to convince a few people that it may indeed be a solid enough investment,next to great fun flying this (we hope). Would it be possible to let us know asap as well (today CET) as there’s a deadline tomorrow.


    +316111014934 Netherlands CET

    • dan says:

      We deal strictly in the North American market, with occasional exports to Europe, South America, and Asia. The Diamond factory in Austria will be able to give you better guidance with respect to converting an aircraft in Europe (and in €)

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