Diamond DA42 Twin Insurance Requirements

Posted on November 26, 2012

by Terry Britt

Can I get insured in a new Diamond DA42? The question arises from time to time as to qualifications necessary to transition into a Diamond DA-42. This, like most all insurance questions, can be answered by “it depends”.

Anyone with a private pilot license or better, a multi/instrument ticket, 750 total time, 100 multi, 20 hours in a DA-42 and a current BFR and Medical would easily qualify as an approved pilot. Due to the excellent safety record and relatively basic flying characteristics of the Twin Star it is possible to transition someone with much less experience.

When discussing transitional pilots it is impossible to simply address items such as total time and multiengine time. We have actually secured insurance for a pilot with less than 150 hours and no multi or instrument ticket on a new DA-42. This was a unique situation and took a lot of negotiations with the underwriter. It ultimately proved to be cost effective as well.

 This was possible because we developed a plan to make a “common sense” transition. It required the pilot/owner to work with our agency and the local Diamond Flight Center. Because we had a dedicated pilot/owner training with a highly experienced Diamond Flight Center who not only provided factory approved training but regularly communicated his progress we were able to keep the underwriter comfortable with the risk and within a couple months of taking delivery of the new Diamond DA-42 Twin Star our client was flying himself and his family at will.

So to answer the original question; in our experience transition into the Diamond DA-42 Twin Star can be accomplished much easier than typical piston twin engine aircraft. With less experienced pilots it takes commitment, quality training and a dedicated and knowledgeable aviation insurance agent.

Terry is President of Eastern Insurance Service, LLC, which operates the Diamond Aviation Insurance Program. Their website is www.diamondaviationinsurance.com

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