Fluids for the DA42NG Austro AE300 Engine

Posted on June 13, 2013

The Austro AE300 engine installed in Diamond’s DA42NG uses a few specialized fluids which we stock or can order from Diamond.  Specifically, there are special Engine and Gear Box oils and a coolant for the heat exchangers.

DA42NG Engine Oil: Approved engine oils are:

  • Shell Helix Ultra 5W30 (Diamond Part Number 492501A)
  • Shell Helix Ultra 5W40

Gear Box Oil – which also operates the propeller control:

  • Shell Spirax GSX 75W80 (Diamond Part Number 442487)


  • BASF Glysantin Protect Plus G48 (Diamond Part Number N000121)

Brake or Hydraulic Fluid: Any fluid that is MIL-PRF-5606H.

De-Icing fluid: AL-5 and Aeroshell Compound 07.

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