Flying the New DA20 with G500 and MT Prop

Posted on September 8, 2011
There’s no ‘Light’ in this Sport Aircraft” 
In early August, we finally had a break in the weather to fly our new DA20 Eclipse.  What’s so special about this aircraft?
  1. New MT Propeller.
  2. Garmin G500 Primary Flight Display and Multi-Function Display

So how does it fly?

 During our test flight, we held 4000′ MSL and the temperature outside was 63*F.
 RPM  Indicated Airspeed  True Airspeed
 2500  120 Knots  134 Knots
 2600  124 Knots  138 Knots
 2700  128 Knots  143 Knots


We documented the flight in an unfortunately poor quality video here. You can see for yourself the indicated airspeeds we recorded.
 The flying “feel” is the same as any DA20: Great! The only difference is that with the G500 installation, the instrument panel sits farther away from the pilot, and it is raked forward at the top.  The net effect of these changes is a substantially better fit for larger pilots.  I (Dan) am 5’11” and normally (FAA Standard) proportioned, and the audio panel buttons were just within reach.
The G500 itself  is a very impressive device.  The button logic is very similar to the G1000, and all of the moving map, flight planning, and instrument approach procedures are well-depicted on the MFD.

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