Great Write-up from Plane and Pilot Magazine on DA42 -VI

Posted on October 31, 2013

At Air Venture (Oshkosh) 2013, Plane & Pilot Magazine’s Bill Cox flew the first North American DA42 -VI. In addition to a clear explanation for why Diamond can’t call the plane a TwinStar any more (“Eurocopter, one of the world’s largest producers of corporate helicopters, had been building a rotary wing called the Twin Star for the last 30 years, and felt they had a prior claim to the name”), Bill gives a great report on just how transformed the DA42 is with all the -VI improvements:

 By whatever name, the latest DA42-VI version is a very different machine from the original. It looks cosmetically similar to the first of its type, but the series VI incorporates a variety of improvements that collectively transform the airplane.

It has become something of a clich√© to label aircraft that look similar to previous models as “new” and “innovative” when they really aren’t, but the DA42-VI introduces enough improvements to deserve the superlatives. In total, Diamond counts 21 improvements to the breed, most aimed at increasing performance and cabin comfort.

read the whole thing here.

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