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True Sport - not Light Sport

  • faster and more capable
  • fewer restrictions
  • no medical required

The Best Sport Aviation Experience!

Diamond's certified HK36 Motorglider has been in production for over 20 years and it's no wonder - pilot's around the world love the thrilling tranquility of gliding combined with the peace of mind and flexibility of powered flight. This high-performance 2-seater, equipped with a 100 or 115hp Rotax engine, combines the joy of power, performance and modern design.

  • Excellent safety record
  • Certified by EASA, FAA and Transport Canada
  • Over 1000 produced since 1990
  • Excellent resale market
  • Nationwide service centers
  • Excellent for glider training and towing

If you're looking for the ultimate in fun, look no further than the HK36 motorglider!