Motor Glider Rental and Training in the Chicago area

Posted on October 31, 2013

Skill Aviation, the premier Diamond Flight Center in Northern Illinois, now can boast that their fleet is the only one in North America to include the full line of Diamond aircraft.

Our Diamond HK36 Motor Glider is now available for training and rental at Skill’s Waukegan, IL location.  Certified Flight Instructor – Glider Roderick Reid has joined the Skill staff and shares a bit of his background:

I began taking flying lessons at 12. After soloing at 14, I earned my Private Glider Pilot Certificate when I was 16, just before getting my driver’s license. I moved to Switzerland, and flew mostly in the Swiss and French Alps, where I accumulated close to 1,500 hours between 1988 and 2007, and now after almost 37 years of flying, I have the following certificates: CFI-G (2000/Switzerland, 2011/USA), ASEL (1995), Instrument – Glider, Advanced Aerobatics – Glider,  and the following endorsements: Touring Motor-glider, plus all launch methods (Aero, Ground, and Self-Launch). Total time 2,500 hours, with over 98% of that in gliders.


I (Dan) flew with Roderick when checking him out on the glider, and take it from me…. flying a motor glider with an experienced, multi-thousand hour glider instructor is something every pilot should do.  We could easily have remained aloft for an entire afternoon, and it was a shame to have to come back down.

Skill has published a brochure offering an overview of the new Glider program, and you may download the soft copy of that brochure here.

If you’re considering a new aviation challenge or needing a BFR, why not do something new and useful? Your single-engine confidence level will soar once you’ve mastered the motor glider.

Skill Aviation is located at the Waukegan Municipal Airport and may be reached at (847) 599-9955

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