New DA42 -L360 on Display and Performance Published for DA42 L360 and DA42-NG (Austro)

Posted on November 15, 2008

Diamond flew the new DA42 Twinstar with the Lycoming power plants to AOPA Expo in San Jose, CA.  The aircraft looks great – both the engine nacelles and the new control quadrant show great fit and finish.

As for performance, the numbers speak for themselves:
Click here for the new performance statistics.

DA42 Performance
Aircraft Maximum Cruise Rate of Climb (SL)
DA42-NG 185 KTAS 1150 fpm
DA42-L360 180+ KTAS 2000 fpm

GLDAS is now accepting orders for the DA42 – L360, and deliveries are scheduled to begin by the middle of the first quarter, 2009.

Contact us for ordering and pricing information, and stay tuned for a more verbose DA42 update, which will be sent by early December to our DA42 customers.   If you wish to be added to our DA42 mailing list, please indicate so on the contact us page of this website.

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