We Buy and Broker Diamond Aircraft

Did you know GLDAS buys used planes?  Did you know we’ve successfully sold more than $2.5 million in used planes in 2013?  If you’re considering selling your Diamond aircraft for any reason – we will  help you find a new owner quickly and on your terms.

Why Choose GLDAS

There is no shortage of aircraft brokers eager to broker your plane. You probably get post cards from many of them.  Or maybe you’ve thought about advertizing the plane on your own.  How has GLDAS produced superior results, and why will we sell your plane quicker and get you the best price?  We know Diamonds and Diamond owners.

A Trusted Source

A typical buyer of a DA40 is a first-time aircraft buyer, and many are student pilots.  If someone can afford a late-model Diamond, that person probably has scarce free time, so they look to GLDAS as a trusted expert in the product.  We can give complete and objective advice to our customers and support them after the sale.  Can any old aircraft broker claim that?  It matters to the new buyers who don’t have the time to become expert in aircraft ownership.  Post-sale support and factory contact are very important to these buyers.

GLDAS has sold more DA42NG aircraft than any other distributor. The superbly capable DA42NG is a great fit for the distances, terrain, and weather of our region, and in addition to individual owners, flight training organizations have seen great success with the DA42NG in a training role.  The more DA42’s in a region, the more will sell – it’s just that great of a plane.

Whatever Service Level the Buyer Needs

GLDAS can facilitate training, insurance, financing, hangaring, and delivery for your buyer.  Some buyers will have an existing aircraft which they need to dispose of or use to offset a sales tax liability.  We have the buyer covered there, too, with a balance sheet big enough to take trades.

Remember: the DA40 buyer may not know a lot about aircraft ownership, and he or she is looking to us for support.  That’s what we’re here for.

The DA42 operator knows he or she can come to us for real-world experience operating these planes -what tips, tricks, and (yes, occasionally) troubleshooting we can offer in support of our owners.

In Touch With the Market

GLDAS generates sales leads that a typical broker will never see – and certainly leads that will not see your classified ad.  Such leads will come from trade shows like AirVenture (Oshkosh), flight schools in our network, from our dealers activity and events, and from the factory itself.

Whatever Service Level You Need

We have the flexibility to do everything from advertizing and qualifying calls right through to refurbishment work.  Some sellers choose to keep possession of their plane for their own use during the sales process, while others wish for us to hangar, insure, and demonstrate on their behalf.  We can do any and all of this, and we price our services according to what we are doing for you.

Limited Time Only – Discounted Brokerage for late-model Diamonds

As of February 2014, we are sold out of pre-owned Diamond aircraft, and there are customers we need to find planes for.  For the next three late-model DA20, DA40, or DA42 listings, Great Lakes Diamond will steeply discount our normal brokerage.  You will get the results and service our customers have come to expect from us at a sharply reduced rate. Contact us today.

We Buy Planes

If you need immediate liquidity, we are a strong buyer of high quality, low-time Diamond DA20, DA40, and DA42 aircraft.  Depending on our current inventory, we will be a better-than-wholesale bid for your plane,  so if you need out, contact us today.

Talk is Cheap

We’d rather show you how we have succeeded in the past than tell you, so contact us today for a reference list.  Our customers are our best salespeople!

We’re here to help: email sales@wanting-drain.flywheelsites.com or call (800) 962-9437

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