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Become a Pilot!

"When I began training, my enthusiasm, confidence, and progress suffered from flying 50 year-old technology that often wasn't available on my schedule. Acquiring and flying my own airplane has made a huge difference-affording me complete flexibility in my training, and providing a state-of-the-art platform for further instrument certification and personal transportation."

New Owner, Diamond DA-40 XLS, Fairfield, N.J.

You know the deal. The times you want to go flying, your rental airplane is usually not available, so you consider yourself lucky that you can reserve another. When you get to the ramp it's clear this bird has had some rougher treatment over its many thousands of hours. You get in after your walk around and it's dirty, has 30-year-old radios that barely work, and your passengers are asking if the tears in the seats and cracks in the plastic are a safety issue. This isn't what you imagined flying to be all about, is it?

"I was sick and tired of flying 50 year old technology that often wasn't available on my schedule. Flying my own airplane helped me get my license a lot faster and I feel a lot more confident about my flying in general."

New Owner, Diamond DA-40 XLS, Fairfield, N.J.

Imagine flying your very own state-of-the-art airplane that not only has some serious good looks and the latest technology, but also boasts the best safety record in General Aviation. The concept of owning a new airplane has always been appealing, but is it that easy?

If it's owning a Diamond - absolutely.

Diamonds are not only a joy to fly, they are a joy to own. Boasting the lowest Total Cost of Ownership in the industry, Diamonds are extremely reliable, have outstanding resale value and offer low insurance rates. Great Lakes Diamond has helped hundreds of pilots like you get out of the old and into the new. We'll walk you through the many benefits of owning your own airplane, including turning it into a revenue source through lease back, and make your dream a reality.

Get in the Drivers Seat - Book a Test Flight

"From the day that I decided I wanted to own an airplane, Great Lakes Diamond made every step of the process painless. From initial demo flights, to arranging financing and insurance, through to supplemental training after delivery, the team from Great Lakes took care of everything. They even were able to arrange hangar space for me at my home airport! I can't imagine a more responsive group of professionals---they are a great continuing support network and have become great friends in the process."

Brent Dewey, Newark, OH